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Pick up an AMD Ryzen 5800X3D for £384 at CCL today

A rare discount on AMD's fastest gaming processor.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is Team Red's fastest gaming processor in many titles, yet it costs far less than the slightly older 5950X and only a bit more than the 5900X. Reason being? You get fewer cores than those processors, and slower clock speeds, but dramatically increased cache - a trade-off that often provides a massive performance improvement for gaming.

The 5800X3D was extremely hard to find at launch, with AMD's limited inventory being claimed as soon as the first reviews rolled in, but now we're starting to see better availability - and today, the first proper discounts. You can pick up the 5800X3D for £384 from CCL, thanks to a £15 off discount code: AFF15.

The 5800X3D wasn't reviewed here at RPS, but I did have the privilege of testing it for myself over at Digital Foundry, where I was very happy with the performance on offer. You don't always get an uptick in performance, as you're not always limited by the amount of L3 cache, but in games that do benefit, you normally see the 5800X3D outperform the faster-clocked but less cache-capacious 5800X. In fact, you normally see the 5800X3D outperform the 5900X as well, making it the better option if you're not intereted in the content creation strength provided by the higher core count of the 5900X.

Compared to Intel options, it's a similar story - the 5800X3D often puts AMD's venerable AM4 platform on similar pegging to the latest 12th-gen Intel parts, and occasionally you'll get a result that shows the 5800X3D far ahead.

If the 5800X3D sounds like a promising processor to you, then this rare deal is worth snapping up.

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