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Pick up the 34-in Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor for £327 with this code

25MONOFF drops the price from £449 to a historic low.

The Samsung Odyssey G5, one of the company's latest 34-in ultrawide monitors, is down to £337 at Samsung's UK store when you use code 25MONOFF at the checkout.

This is an awesome price for a 3440x1440 gaming monitor with a 1000R curve, 165Hz refresh rate, FreeSync and a VA panel with a quoted 1ms response time.

It's rare to find a comparable gaming monitor with these kind of specs anywhere near this price - the only thing I have in my deals memory banks is the Huawei MateView GT, which is £350 but perhaps doesn't have the same kind of brand cachet as Samsung despite being a solid monitor in its own right.

Samsung is one of the few companies that has been able to produce good results with a VA panel, with most other examples suffering from relatively poor pixel response times and a smeary look in fast motion. Samsung's panels tend to look more similar to IPS in terms of motion handling, while still offering the excellent contrast that VA panels are known for. This, combined with decent viewing angles and good colour accuracy, makes the Odyssey G5 a good all-around choice.

On a similar theme, the G5 also fits a wide range of computers, with even middleweight gaming PCs having enough grunt to make use of the higher resolution in slower-paced games or the higher refresh rate in esports titles - and obviously, if you have a PC that's a bit beyond the mid-range, then you can take advantage of both resolution and refresh rate at the same time.

The ultrawide 1440p resolution is between standard 1440p and 4K when it comes to total pixels, so you could take a look at benchmark results for your CPU/GPU combination and average the 1440p and 4K results to get a rough estimate of the kind of frame-rates you would expect when using this monitor.

Anyway, that's by the by - this is a solid monitor available at a very fair price, so it's well worth picking up if the specs appeal!

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