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Pick up the glorious CM NR200 Mini ITX case for $70

Down from $115, a great price for my favourite SFF case.

I've spoken on many occasions about my love for Cooler Master's NR200 small form factor PC case, and today it's gone on sale in the US for the first time in a while - so I thought I'd let you know!

Right now you can pick up the NR200 in white for $70, down from $115. To get this price, you'll need to use code CMJUND2 at the cart and then use a rebate form for an additional $25 back. That's a bit of a faff for sure, but in exchange you do get one of the best and most popular SFF PC cases on the market.

Note that this is the NR200 version of the case, ie it doesn't come with the riser cable and extra tempered glass side panel of the NR200P version. This basically removes vertical mounting of your GPU as an option (at least out of the box; you could always pick up your own riser cable) but you get the best CPU cooler compatibility with a traditionally-mounted GPU at the bottom of the case anyway.

Otherwise, this is an awesome deal - you have space for a Mini ITX motherboard (up to Ryzen 7000 and 13th-gen Core processors), up to a 280mm radiator, triple-slot GPUs and SFX or SFX-L power supplies (the latter dependent on your other components.) The case is super easy to build in and is able to achieve a good mixture of thermals and noise while still remaining compact enough to travel easily to LAN parties or between house/dorm/office/friend's.

I've built two NR200 systems and both are still in use, so I'm happy to recommend this case to all who'll listen. Thanks for joining me and be sure to share your own small form factor build pics and impressions!

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