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Pick up this slick Asus ROG Z11 Mini ITX case for £99.98

A big reduction on one of the best-looking SFF cases.

asus rog z11
Image credit: Asus

Asus has some of the best industrial designers in the PC space, and that's normally best appreciated on their laptops and motherboards. However, the Taiwanese company also produces some great PC cases, such as the subject of today's deals post: the ROG Z11 Mini ITX. This small form factor case comes in a beautiful tower style with impressive front I/O and a tilted motherboard tray that enhances airflow. It's a cool, funky little case and well worth considering at its reduced price of £99.98, down from its original UK RRP of £240.

The big draw here is unabashedly aesthetics, with the case supporting both horizontal and vertical orientations, providing plenty of RGB and serving as a nice showcase of your graphics card of choice.

The front I/O is surprisingly good for a Mini ITX case, with one USB-C and four USB-A ports, allowing you easy access to plug and disconnect a good range of peripherals. That's handy, because your other ports are harder to access within the bowels of the case - although unless you're a hardware reviewer, it's no hardship to plug in your monitor, power supply and other infrequently swapped components once and then have their cables out of the way.

The case comes with three 140mm fans, with space for two more 120mm fans on the bottom, so cooling performance is sufficient for even mid-range to high-end components - depending on your appetite for noise. The case emphasises looks over ventilation with its use of glass, so something like the Cooler Master NR200P or NZXT H1 v2 may be a better choice if you need to stick in a CPU or GPU that runs hot.

CPU coolers are limited to 130mm, which requires a low-profile air option or an AiO with a 120mm or 240mm radiator. However, both ATX and SFX power supplies up to 160mm are supported, and GPUs can be triple-slot units up to 320mm long.

This is a very cool case, so do read some reviews and then snap it up via the link above if you're interested. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for one more deals post from me this week!

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