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Joyous jump 'em up Pikuniku is out now

Lovely legs on this lad

Lovely platformer Pikuniku, which our John was gushing about only the other day, today launched for all of us to enjoy. Which is good, because it's good. Great legs on this lad too. A cracking kick. "Oh gosh, this is lovely," is our John said in his Pikuniku review, and what I remember of playing an early version yonks again lines up with that. Though I don't remember a dance-off against a robot.

"It's silly yet brilliantly implemented, funny without being zany, cute without being cloying, and it all moves along at a splendid zip," is Wot John Thinks. "One moment you're traditionally platforming your way up into the clouds to find coins, the next you're plotting the downfall of a corporation with a rag-tag group of rebellious leaves in their underground metro station, and after that you're taking part in a completely one-off Dance Dance Revolution-style dance off with an arrogant robot."

Usually I just tell hoity-toity robots that their mother was a snowblower; I suppose this is more civil.

Pikuniku is out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It costs £10.29/€13.99/$13.99 on Steam, Itch, and GOG - and free right now for Twitch/Amazon Prime subscribers. (And it's on something called a 'Switch'?) Pikuniku made by Sectordub (Rémi Forcadell, Arnaud De Bock, Alan Zucconi, and Calum Bowen) and published by Devolver Digital. And the stop motion in this lovely launch trailer is by Kirsten Lepore.

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