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The lovely Pikuniku is free on the Epic Games Store at the mo

A good time!

This may be the month of ghosts and ghoulies, but we should still make time for gags and good times. To that end, do grab this week's Epic Games Store freebie if so inclined, it's Pikuniku. Released last year, it's a lovely platforming explore-o-puzzler starring a wee blob with little kicking legs. Frankly, just watching those sticky feet is enough to cheer me up. And it's good. And it's free to keep. So that's good.

John Walker called Pikuniku "a very lovely thing" in our Pikuniku review.

"This is a joyful, happy-faced good time," he said. "There are 'boss fights', but they’re deliberately not an impediment to progress. (One especially in a way that I shan't spoil, but gosh it made me laugh.) The chatter is plentiful, but always fun to read (or enact). And it's extremely funny."

Along with a story campaign that's a few hours long, Pikuniku does have cooperative and competitive multiplayer levels too. Former RPS vidbuds Matthew and Alice L (RPS in peace) had a go and, er, yeah, they got on:

You have until Thursday the 8th to grab Pikuniku free for keepsies from the Epic Games Store. The next freebies on the schedule are delightful undersea adventure Abzu and tactical multiplayer shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Alright, that might give you the fear.

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