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Pillars Of Eternity and Tyranny are free on the Epic Games Store next week

Which just so happens to be Cyberpunk 2077's launch day, too

As though we didn't already have several massive new games to get through this month, next week we're getting a bunch of RPGs thrust upon us, too. Epic Games have revealed their free games for the week starting December 10th are two big Obsidian romps, Pillars Of Eternity - Definitive Edition and Tyranny - Gold Edition.

It just so happens that they're free on the very same day that Cyberpunk 2077 launches. So, will you go for a new futuristic RPG that's gonna cost you upwards of £50? Or two known very good fantasy RPGs that are completely free?

Look, I know you're probably gonna buy Cyberpunk anyway, but Pillars and Tyranny are great and free so you might as well add them to your library.

Pillars Of Eternity is a big isometric fantasy game, which we reckon is one of the best RPGs on PC. In John Walker's (RPS in peace) Pillars Of Eternity review from back in 2015, it seems like he might have enjoyed it.

"It’s a triumph," he wrote. "A wonderful, enormous and spellbinding RPG, gloriously created in the image of BioWare’s Infinity classics, but distinctly its own. A classic in every sense."

The definitive edition comes with the game's expansions, The White March: Parts 1 and 2, which add more story content and companions to drag along on your adventures.

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Tyranny is, surprise surprise, another isometric fantasy RPG, but this one has a heavy focus on player choice. The Gold Edition includes two story DLCs, Tales From The Tiers and Bastard's Wound, as well as a Portrait Pack (so you can pick the best image that represents your character), and an Upgrade Pack that gives you ringtones (amongst other things). Amazing.

John was a fan of Tyranny, too, in his review from 2016. He liked Pillars more, though: "If it didn’t look so similar to the completely splendid Pillars Of Eternity, if those expectations weren’t weighing on it, perhaps there’d be more leniency. But as it is, this is a decent enough RPG."

You can nab both of these for free next week, December 10th, on the Epic Games Store.

If you're after a freebie right now, however, Epic's offering this week is the excellent 2D platformer, Cave Story.

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