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Planet Zoo jets off to Australia next week

Dingoes, koalas and 'roos... but no crocs?

Was only a matter of time before Planet Zoo went to Oz, eh? They've got all the cool animals down there, and some of them won't even kill you for a bad look. Next week's Australia update brings a small selection of Aussie fauna into Frontier Development's zoo sim, along with a warehouse packed with down-under doodads and a host of free goodies for zookeepers who'd rather stay at home.

I'll save the Aussies in the audience any pained Crocodile Dundee references. In part because I've never seen the thing, but mostly because Frontier didn't even give me any crocs to work with.

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Planet Zoo's Australia pack brings five Aussie beasties into your zoo. Koalas, kangaroos and dingos headline the selection, sure, but they're joined by the lesser-known (if equally lovely) southern cassowary and eastern Blue-tongued lizard. A safe selection for a country with such a famously bizarre and deadly ecosystem, mind. I understand Frontier may not wish to spend 23 hours in a plane with thousands of spiders, but c'mon - you couldn't hand us a snake or five?

As usual, you'll need the right staff trained and habitats built to give these lovely lads a home. Thankfully, next week's update also includes over 230 construction pieces aimed at turning your zoo into a veritable shrine of Aussie nick-nacks. A bundle of timed scenarios have also been included, daring you to build various habitats under strict time limits to test your construction prowess.

For those who can't afford a trip down under, next week's drop comes with a free update for all zookeepers. Along with the usual batch of fixes, improvements and new items, the update adds genetics-driven colouration for animals and the ability to select multiple staff members at once.

The Planet Zoo: Australia Pack lands next Tuesday, August 25th on Steam and the Frontier Store for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99.

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