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Play Rainbow Six Siege's new Golden Gun arcade mode this weekend only

One shot one kill

If you've played more standard rounds of Rainbow Six Siege since self-isolating than your blood pressure can bear, there's a new playlist on the block to change things up. Ubisoft have introduced Siege's first Arcade mode and it's got the feel of goofing about with cheats for 007 on the Nintendo 64 an eon ago. Golden Gun's one shot kill mode will be available this weekend only in Siege's new Arcade playlist.

Golden Gun will take place on the recently tweaked Oregon map for a Secure Area match. You'll have only one weapon: the Golden Gun. A single bullet from this magical sidearm will kill any opponent. The catch is that the dang thing only holds a single round. So make your shots count, because you'll be stuck reloading if you don't take down your enemy with the first shot.

You won't have any other weapons to work with in the Golden Gun mode but you can still deploy gadgets and use melee attacks. Seems like maybe your single shot magic gun should be your only means of offensive action but I suppose we'll see how it plays out. Ubisoft say that a few operators have been removed from this mode for "gameplay reasons" but don't specify which ones in their announcement.

Golden Gun is the first of Siege's new Arcade playlist experiments but Ubisoft say more will come in the future and will "introduce small scale gameplay modifiers for a limited time, and each might come back in the future if the community likes it."

Golden Gun will be available in Rainbow Six Siege's Arcade playlist from March 19th to March 23rd.

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