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Limbo and Inside devs tease new moody game


Playdead, the Danish studio behind grimdark puzzle-platformers Limbo and Inside, have shared a sneaky image from their next game. It seems to show a pilot or spaceman wearing a deployed parachute watching a fiery crash and, well, I won't assumptively declare the game will following the Limside model but with a picture like that I could certainly believe it.

"Thanks for your warm reception of Inside," Playdead said on the Twitternet today as they shared the image. "Since release, Playdead founder Arnt Jensen and the team have been working on the next adventure."

Click that picture to embiggen.

You can see that fella walking to the right, walking away from his crashed plane (or spaceship!), seeing spooky things (maybe aliums!), and occasionally pushing boxes (or spaceboxes!), can't you?

The tweet making a point of saying "Playdead founder Arnt Jensen" is a funny decision, as the sentence works just peachy without it but this specific mention does bring up some recent ugliness. Jensen's fellow co-founder, Dino Patti, left Playdead last year and, er, it's been a bit messy. As Kotaku reports, the two had a bit of a falling-out, reportedly over how and when they'd release their next game. Quite what happened isn't public, but Patti did tell Kotaku that "the supposed timeline for the next project(s) and where I am in my life now" prompted his departure. After he left, the Danish Business Authority became involved and Patti ultimately received 50 million krone (about £5.8 million) for his part of Playdead.

So, you know, if I were manning the tweetcannon, I'd probably leave Jensen out and just say "Since release, the Playdead team have been working on the next adventure."

That's not true.

I'd say "Since merging Inside with your insides, we've been bam-bip zam-jamming the next hoopy dangle clack-smacker to bipbop you right in the wazzles. Slam this pictorial representation into your orbs!" And that's why I don't have a career in social media.

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