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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds desert map is live on the test servers

There's a new trailer, too

After months of anticipation, you can finally run, vault and climb around Playerunknown's Battlegrounds new desert map. Miramar is now live on the test servers, and you've got until 10am GMT on Sunday before they're switched off again. There's also a new trailer that shows it all off, which should delight anyone who's a fan of Inception/Mass Effect 'BWONG' noises.

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Exciting stuff, when it's not boasting about how many people are playing the game. I particularly like the bit where someone pulls themselves up a derelict jeep just in time to save themselves from being crushed by a car - I'm looking forward to having similar moments myself. As I said the other day, nipping up a wall to escape death is one of my favourite things to do in a video game.

A more authentic trailer would have featured a man sitting inside a house for 20 minutes and then being shot in the back of the head when he steps outside, but I guess there's a reason I'm not in charge of marketing anything.

You can find the full patch notes for the test build here. While the highlight is obviously the new map, there are also two new guns, 3 new vehicles and a terrain system that makes driving off-road more difficult depending on your vehicle. The patch notes start with some musing from the devs about Plunkbat's journey so far, as well as a reassurance that "investigating and fixing server/connection issues is currently one of (their) top priorities".

This is the first time we've seen video footage of the desert map, though you can expect a lot more to flood in now that it's open to players. It's name was revealed as 'Miramar' earlier this week, when we also got a peek at the names of various places of interest along with some details about them. Prepare to be ambushed in Valle del Mar, and snipe/be sniped from the towering construction sites of Los Leones. I don't normally bother with the test client, but right now I'm tracking its download progress on one screen while eagerly planning my first drop location on the other.

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