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Pre-Order Dragon Age 2, Get Pretend Objects

Bioware has revealed the plethora, the deluge of imaginary items they will be gifting to first-hand buyers of Dragon Age 2 and the game's pre-order customers. Are you sitting down? Are you reading this on an empty stomach? Because if not you may fall down and vomit simultaneously.

That may have been an exaggeration. Maybe...

Okay, the one-use code arriving with all copies of the game will unlock The Black Emporium, a market beneath the city of Kirkwall with "a curious collection of items, some for sale, some for free, and ranging from the mundane to the mysterious!" You hear that, readers? Free mundane items! One of the items that is (presumably?) not-so-mundane items is a Mabari warhound you'll be able to summon and banish with a whistle. Another is The Mirror of Transformation, which by the sounds of things allows you to go back into character creation whenever you like.

Pre-order customers will get the sword (Fadeshear) and shield (The Lion of Orlais) in the above pic. The sword grows in power with each level you gain, and the shield adds to health and %xp gain.

Alright, that's all I've got. Move along.

Edit: That's not all I've got! There's a new story trailer talking about relationships and time-travel. Thanks, Man Raised by Puffins.

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