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Prison Architect's Island Bound expansion sets sail next month

Sean Connery, unfortunately, not included

What better barrier than the sea? Arriving next month, Prison Architect's next expansion is Island Bound, letting you trade out those impractical land-loving fortresses for the sheer simplicity of a big scary rock in the sea. Forget barbed wires and concrete walls, the roaring abyss will prevent even the most rebellious inmate from attempting escape - at least, not until they discover boats.

Island Bound was lightly teased last October, back when Paradox announced a PC release of Psych Ward, Prison Architect's dive into the extremely fraught waters of mental health in prison. This time 'round, they're doing Alcatraz.

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To state the obvious, Island Bound lets you set up a fortified prison complex out at sea, no roads required. Instead, you'll be setting up helipads and docks to ferry in supplies or new inmates - which in turn means more ways for illicit goods to be snuck behind bars. Security tools let you filter through goods to a finer degree, while a whole new roster of emergency services have been added in case things get spicy out at sea.

The expansion also includes a bunch of new tiles to help built the carceral islet of your... dreams? Naturally, Island Bound's two pre-made maps recreate Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island. Prison Architect - Island Bound launches on Steam on June 11th.

To tide your inmates over 'til then, Paradox also announced - and immediately released - free expansion Cleared For Transfer. The pack adds security sectors to be formed around various areas of your facility, letting you shift prisoners between areas based on how good they've been. 20 new items have also been added for all players in free update The Bucket. Cleared For Transfer is available for free over on Steam right now.

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