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Push, That's It, Come On, PUSH!

Thanks to the fine folks at Bonus Level - the create-your-own Flash gaming site - we've word of another absorbing puzzler to distract you from the mundanity of your life. It's called Push, the work of one Ian Snyder, and it's a completely new (until someone tells me I'm wrong and references something from 1984 on the Amstrex CX44) approach to platforming.

It looks like a traditional pixelly platformer, until you realise you can't reach your target with your jump alone. Click on the blocks making up the levels with your mouse, and you can 'push' them out in a circle, radiating from your cursor. It's sort of hard to explain with words. I recommend you head over and have a play to find out for yourself.

The only niggle I've found is the irritation of the site reloading its sidebar, which jiggles everything on the screen - not something you really want when precision jumping. Not too often a problem, but certainly one I could do without.

Being a Bonus Level game, once you've gone through all 75 of the official levels, you can then play through the 122 (at the time of posting) user-made levels, and then even make some of your own for others to play. Well worth a look. Cheers to JP for pointing it out to us.

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