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Q.U.B.E 2 gets a new trailer 4 U 2 view

2 Q.U.B.E. 4 U

For some reason, I pronounced Q.U.B.E. 2 as 'cubey' when I first saw it and now it's stuck that way. Help.

Q.U.B.E.Y Q.U.B.E.Y 2, where are you
We've got some work to do now...

While that plays on a loop in my head, you can check out the puzzle-platformer's latest trailer below. Those pristine testing chambers from the first game are looking a little worse for wear, which doesn't surprise me when some of the puzzles this time round revolve around setting fire to stuff.

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For a more substantial look at how the game plays, here's 8 minutes of footage from October.

As a first person puzzle game set in a sinister testing environment, I can't help but think of Portal when I see Q.U.B.E. That overgrown test lab aesthetic makes the Portal 2 comparison even more inveitabl-er, though there are other environments on display too. That first shot resembles some kind of church, while later on things go a bit Tomb Raider.

That's only fitting, given the job description of protagonist Amelia Cross. She's "a stranded archaeologist who has awoken among the ruins of an ancient alien landscape", who must use her technogloves to "change and adapt the architectural structure in her search to rendezvous with another survivor, finding a way off the planet."

I thought I remembered playing the original Q.U.B.E and giving up when I couldn't figure out how to stack some objects up in the right way to get past a wall, but it turns out I was actually thinking of Quantum Conundrum. Apparently my brain can't handle there being multiple portal-esque games that begin with the letters 'Q' and 'U', so who knows how it will fare in the face of actual puzzles. Not well, if that wall obstacle is anything to go by.

Adam liked the first game, though thought it could have been a tad more challenging:

"I enjoyed it. I even like the way it looks – crisp, clean and with no confusion. I doubt I’ll ever play it again and I won’t feel compelled to wait for DLC, free or otherwise, because I think I’ve about had my fill. There’s nothing about the concept that particularly amazed or excited me; it’s a series of well-designed puzzles that avoid too much repetition but never really become tough enough to provide total satisfaction."

He missed the lack of a story too, though interestingly that did get added in with its Director's Cut update. Q.U.B.E 2 will take the unconventional move of including a plot right from the launch date, and hopefully its later sections will prove more difficult than those in Cubey 1.

Q.U.B.E. 2 will be out at some point in early 2018.

(I'm just making things worse for myself, I know.)

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