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Quest Paladin deck list guide - Saviors of Uldum - Hearthstone (August 2019)

How to play the revised version of Quest Paladin in the Saviors of Uldum meta.

The new Paladin Quest card, Making Mummies, is a hilarious collapse of the Paladin class from Blizzard's lore, going from purging Strathome’s undead to literally doing necromancy. It’s a fun-looking effect though, and we’ve made ourselves a deck to capitalise on it.

Say goodbye Galvadon, The Last Kaleidosaur. There’s a new Quest in town. Given that the expansion is in its infancy, we’d recommend holding off crafting these cards if your arcane dust supplies are low, particularly in light of the lack of faith a lot of the community has in this deck at present. Check back to see our top decks to play in the ever-developing meta!

Quest Paladin deck list and strategy

Here is the version of Quest Paladin we’re using for the start of Saviors of Uldum. The meta is going to be hotly contested, so come back here for updates and changes! We’ve focused on Deathrattle minions here, as the Quest reward Emperor Wraps encourages such a playstyle. Unfortunately, the ability of Emperor Wraps requires you to play out a lot of Reborn minions, and whilst they are decent alongside Emperor Wraps, they’re far from being the ideal minions to make 2/2 copies of.

2 x Crystology2 x Murmy
1 x Making Mummies2 x Questing Explorer
2 x Micro Mummy2 x Temple Berserker
2 x Ancestral Guardian2 x Bronze Gatekeeper
2 x Annoy-o-Module2 x Candletaker
2 x Mechano-Egg2 x Bone Wraith
1 x Kangor's Endless Army2 x Wargear
1 x Zilliax
2 x Mechanical Whelp
1 x Da Undatakah

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General strategy

Making Mummies, the Quest for the Paladin class relies on playing Reborn minions. These minions themselves would benefit from the reward, Emperor Wraps.

Early Game: Early on in the game, look to play out your early minions on tempo. Murmy is a great Quest activator for 1 mana, and Micro Mummy can start giving your Reborn minions a bit more power to make solid trades. Crystology is a clear powerhouse, drawing 2 cards for 1 mana, and these cards are often Reborn minions that can help you complete the Quest. Try to play as many Reborn minions as feasibly possible, and save your Mechs for later.

Mid Game: Ancestral Guardian and Bone Wraith are at the top end of your Reborn pool, and their Lifesteal and Taunt abilities respectively allow you to stabilise the game against more aggressive decks. When you finish the Quest, you should look to use it every turn, either on one of your Reborn minions for extra board value or on some Magnetic Mech minions for a big chunk of value. Zilliax is really strong with this Hero Power, but things get a little nutty if you play him with Magnetic and Emperor Wraps.

Late Game: At this stage in the game, it’s time to get serious. Use Emperor Wraps on minions like Mechanical Whelp to force your opponent to keep responding. Using the Hero Power on a Magnetised Mechano-Egg is hugely valuable and can flip a board state at the touch of a button. You should be gaining control at this point. The only thing to watch out for is full board clears. If you end up with no minions in hand, there’s no way you’ll get that extra 2/2, so keep an eye out or it could come back to haunt you.

You should be able to out-value and out-tempo your opponent if you manage to find your Reborn minions and play the deck right. All that’s left now is to hit face until the opponent loses all their health. Da Undatakah is a great addition to the late game too, as he copies 3 Deathrattles that have already triggered. In this deck, the only Deathrattles you have summon 7/7 and 8/8 Mechs, so playing this along with Emperor Wraps as a final gambit can give you one huge last play to get you over the line.

Quest Paladin Mulligan Guide

Your early game can hold the enemy at bay and even steamroll them if they’re not careful.

1. Hold onto Murmy. A card similar to Mecharoo, but with the key difference of being Reborn, bolstering your early board and progressing the Paladin Quest.

2. Making Mummies should usually be played on turn 1, before being followed up by the aforementioned Murmy or something like a Micro Mummy, giving the opponent something to think about and getting some early progress Quest-wise.

3. We’d recommend trying to stay on curve as much as possible, so if you’ve got a cheap Reborn minion like Temple Berserker, keep hold of it.

Quest Paladin tips, combos and synergies

It’ll take a bit of time to get things going with this deck, and you might struggle with aggression. Here’s our tips to sealing victory with Quest Paladin:

- Emperor Wraps summons an exact copy of a friendly minion, meaning if you’ve got a Zilliax Magnetised on your Mechano-Egg you’ll be able to get a 2/2 version of both the Mechano-Egg's Deathrattle with Rush, Lifesteal, Taunt and whatever other keywords have been added to it. It also means that Kangor's Endless Army will revive it full-sized.

- Mechanical Whelp has a great Deathrattle, and by playing it and using Emperor Wraps on it, you’ll get another identical Mechanical Whelp for just 2 more mana!

- Emperor Wraps is solid to use on a Reborn minion if you don’t have any stacked up Mechs available.

- Bone Wraith is an excellent sticky Taunt minion that can serve to ruin aggressive opponents’ plans easily.

- Annoy-o-Module is another Taunt minion that can be copied with Emperor Wraps and make opponents run out of both resources and patience.

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