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Quest Wall Priest deck list guide - Saviors of Uldum - Hearthstone (August 2019)

How to play the new Wall Priest in the Saviors of Uldum meta!

Wall Priest hit the meta back in the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion when players discovered that you could cast Topsy Turvy on a Mosh'ogg Enforcer and give it a chunky 14 attack. Things are slightly different now, as without Shadow Visions in standard format anymore, Divine Spirit/Inner Fire combos are less reliable. However, thanks to Saviors of Uldum’s brand new Quest card, Activate the Obelisk, this archetype has made a bit of a comeback.

It’s not as strong as it once was, mind. Don’t go crafting this deck willy nilly, but if you can pilot it right, you’ll have a decent time.

Both Taunt minions and healing are integral to this deck’s success, ensuring you’re able to raise enough friends from the dead to outlast your opponent and activate your Quest. Once the Obelisk is activated, you’re in for a fun ride.

You’re looking to keep healing up, killing enemy minions, and staying in the game until you can start beefing up your minions to the point where your opponent can’t handle it.

In the latest edition of our Quest Wall Priest guide, we've highlighted the most popular version of the deck that you can pilot right now, and also provided some Mulligan and strategy tips. We've also got a breakdown of the fundamental combos - study these carefully before taking this one out for a spin.

Quest Wall Priest deck list and strategy

Here's what we believe to be the best Quest Wall Priest deck list seeing play right now. It's likely to evolve over time, so check back soon in case of meta updates.

2 x Forbidden Words1 x Archmage Vargoth
1 x Topsy Turvy1 x Zilliax
1 x Activate the Obelisk2 x Mosh'ogg Enforcer
2 x Power Word: Shield1 x King Phaoris
2 x Divine Hymn
2 x Penance
2 x Shadow Word: Death
2 x Psychopomp
2 x Convincing Infiltrator
2 x Mass Hysteria
2 x Sandhoof Waterbearer
1 x Catrina Muerte
2 x Mass Resurrection
2 x Plague of Death

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAa0GBtD+AqCAA9aZA5ObA9igA92rAwzlBNMKvfMCl4cD2IkDgpQDmJsDmZsDr6UD0aUDmakDn6kDAA==

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General strategy

Early game: You’re looking to get as many Taunts up as possible to stop your opponent getting anywhere near your face. You’re a slow deck so don’t rush things. Play your Quest when you can, although occasionally you’ll want to wait until your opponent has already damaged you so you can actually get the healing process started. Penance works great as both minion removal and healing, and Archmage Vargoth can be a solid turn 4 play that often forces your opponent to waste resources on his removal. Don’t worry, he’ll hopefully come back out of that blasted tower.

Mid game: Getting a Convincing Infiltrator down is the perfect answer to enemies with big boards and valuable minions. Its Deathrattle destroys a random enemy minion, which is hard for them to play around, aside from flooding their board with expendable minions.

At this point in the game, you might have a Mass Hysteria or two - use them wisely. The spell has powerful board clearing potential, but is weak to enemies with Deathrattles or low attack. Of course, throughout this game you should be trying to heal your face and minions.

Fifteen healing is tough to come by, but Psychopomp resurrecting a Convincing Infiltrator with Reborn, having the initial card die off, and then casting Divine Hymn on the 1 health version along with healing your face for 6 can represent a big chunk of Quest progress. Keep an eye out for smart ways to use your healing resources to their maximum, and remember if you’re really desperate for that last bit of health, you can always heal your opponent’s face or minions with your Hero Power.

Late game: By now, your resurrection pool should be pretty deep and your Quest complete. Now’s the time to start bringing out the big guns. Mosh'ogg Enforcer is one of the most irritating minions to kill in the game, and combined with Obelisk’s Eye, the Quest reward Hero Power, it’s extremely sticky. Add this to the fact that you can resurrect your minions constantly and you’re in for a value train.

Catrina Muerte brings back a minion each turn, and can be buffed with the Obelisk’s Eye for a higher chance of survival. You can also make use of King Phaoris to get a big board if you reckon the enemy is out of removal gas. Mass Resurrection works a treat late on too, especially if you’re fortunate to resurrect Archmage Vargoth, who will cast the whole 9 mana spell again at the end of your turn. Behold!

Don’t forget to keep buffing up your minions when you can. That +3/+3 is often really tough to deal with, particularly when foes are low on value later on in the game. You’re healing the minion too, so it can lead to +3/+6 in some scenarios, truly obscene for just 2 mana.

Here are some tips on dealing with specific opponent types on the ladder right now:

Aggro Opponents

Try to keep the following in mind when playing against aggressive opponents:

  • 1. Use your taunt minions liberally here as they'll eventually run out of methods to take them all out. Even if they can clear your boards, you always have resurrection cards to bring a target back to life.
  • 2. Outlasting the opponent into the late-game really is the objective here. You have board clear in the form of Mass Hysteria, but you need to survive long enough to be able to make use of it.
  • 3. Convincing Infiltrator is another key to surviving an aggro onslaught, and will be especially annoying for your opponent if you can revive it with Psychopomp.

Control Opponents

Here are a few things to think about when playing Quest Wall Priest against much slower opponents:

  • 1. These are ideal match-ups as you have more than enough lasting power to keep up with even the slowest of decks.
  • 2. Despite your value potential, don’t go all in too soon. Dumping your entire hand into an enemy Brawl is probably the worst feeling in Hearthstone.

Quest Wall Priest Mulligan guide

Here are the most important cards to have in mind when forming your opening hand:

  • 1. Activate the Obelisk: Naturally, a Quest deck is going to have the Quest in its opening hand. Remember, you can avoid playing it on turn 1 if you want to ensure your opponent deals damage to you that you can heal.
  • 2. Penance: Removal and healing, exactly what you need early on.
  • 3. Convincing Infiltrator: Admittedly a situational pick, but playing this early and getting it in the resurrection pool is vital to your survival a lot of the time.

Quest Wall Priest tips and card combos

It's important that you have a solid understanding of all the combos in this deck before trying to climb the ladder with it.

- Forbidden Words is excellent for removal, but make sure you cast it after you’re finished with the rest of your mana. No matter the enemy you kill with it, Forbidden Words will spend all of your remaining mana.

- Psychopomp combos with several minions in this deck. Big Mosh'ogg Enforcers can stop the enemy dead in their tracks, and with Reborn they regain Divine Shield. Catrina Muerte is another excellent resurrect, as she’ll keep raising your pals from the dead until she’s stopped, something made much harder when she has Reborn.

- Sandhoof Waterbearer works great with the Reborn minions created by Psychopomp. When they are resurrected with 1 health remaining, Sandhoof Waterbearer can heal them by 5, simultaneously making a big wedge of Quest progress.

- Plague of Death and Mass Resurrection work excellently with King Phaoris, who will summon a random 9 cost minion for each of your 9 cost spells in hand.

- Remember that Zilliax activates your Quest reward if you’re under 30 health, allowing you to use it for removal and healing.

- Plague of Death is an excellent catch up tool. While it destroys your board too, the fact that it silences all enemies mitigates Mass Hysteria’s weakness to Deathrattles.

- Archmage Vargoth recasts a random spell you’ve cast each turn. This means if you resurrect him with Mass Resurrection, he’ll raise another 3 minions from the dead.

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