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QWOP creator unveils cauldron man in Getting Over It

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We've taken our QWOPs and our GIRPs, like all growing youngsters should, but can we really say we are healthy, well-balanced individuals until we have tried to climb a mountain using only a sledgehammer while stuck in a cauldron? That sounds like a rhetorical question, but it is not. Getting Over It [official site] is the next game from Bennett Foddy. And while it does away with the naming convention of his previous 2D stumblers, it still looks like a game that simulates what it feels like for your hands to be drunk while the rest of your body is sober. Here's a video.

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In my eyes, nothing will surpass the majestic misanthropy of the GIRP bird, but cauldron man is a hero to whom we can all certainly relate. Who among us has not been stuck in a large pot intended primarily for stew? Nevertheless, I asked Foddy: why a cauldron.

"I knew I didn’t just want his legs hanging out there, not doing anything," he said. "And it’s not so strange, historically speaking: Baba Yaga used to get around in a mortar, and of course the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes used to live in a clay pot. It just takes a lot of core strength."

He insists that he made this game for a particular type of person (ie. "to hurt them") and that is a deceptively reassuring sentiment. There have been many disciples of the Qwoppist philosophy – Octodad, Surgeon Simulator, Gang Beasts – but it is good to see more tongue-biting awkwardness from one of the original perpetrators of the "your limbs are stupid" genre.

It's due out October 6, as part of Humble Monthly, the bundler's $12 per month subscription thingy, or just wait until it comes out on Steam on an undetermined day in December. Generally though, these bundles are decent, and you can buy a single month rather than subscribing forever.

I also asked the creator why he keeps making games where the controls are out to get you.

"I’d probably resist the idea that it’s the controls killing you," he said, "rather than your own incompetence."

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