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Rainbow Six Siege's Hong Kong update due August 29th

Three characters, one map

Three new characters and one new map will arrive in Rainbow Six Siege [official site] on August 29th with the launch of its 'Operation Blood Orchid' update, Ubisoft confirmed on Friday. Visiting Hong Kong, this content was once expected in May but Ubisoft delayed it to focus on improving the base game. Operation Blood Orchid seems to be off to an amusement park, which should be a lark.

Two of the new Operators are from Hong Kong, which the third is Polish. Officially, the update is under wraps until Saturday, August 26th, when Ubisoft will reveal all during the livestreamed Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals at 5.15pm BST

Ubisoft pretend they're keeping everything secret until then, but a lot of the announcement won't be surprising. Months ago, data miners found references to two of the new operatives being named Caltrop and Dazzler. The data suggests Caltrop will have explosive and toxic mines. Folks found references to the QBZ-95 bullpup rifle and JS9 suppressed submachine gun too.

Bigger than all that, Ubisoft apparently accidentally uploaded the schematics of the new map (under the name Theme Park) to the game's website. They've since removed that but you have a look in this video.

Operation Blood Orchid was held up by Operation Health, the string of patches to shore up the base game rather than add new content, but that doesn't mean Health has properly ended. One facet of Operation Health has only begun. Ubisoft plan to optimise every map over the next year. How much have you noticed the improvements of Operation Health so far, gang?

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