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Rainbow Six Siege off to South Korea in Operation White Noise

Up above the city!

The final big content update of Rainbow Six Siege's second season will be Operation White Noise, Ubisoft announced today, bringing three new characters and a new map. White Noise is off to South Korea and the fight will go down in an observation tower "high above Seoul's skyline," which sounds a splendid place for fisticuffs. I am unreasonably fond of video game levels having grand views over cities. Ubi are pretty vague about the update for now, though, promising more information in a fortnight. So we've applied a serious scientific technique to uncover White Noise's secrets.

"Two new Operators from the 707th Special Mission Battalion (707th SMB) are joining Team Rainbow. The attacker is stubborn and daring while the defender is methodical and tenacious," Ubisoft said. "We're also bringing you a new GROM Operative in the mix, known for their resilience and bravery."

What are Ubi hinting at? What do qualities like stubbornness and tenacity mean for weapons? I turned to Google.

The first image search result for 'stubborn weapon' is a diagram of mixing apple cider vinegar with water - some sort of acidic spray, we can reasonably infer. 'Daring' returns destroyers, so someone with a naval background? Let's say that operator is armed with acid spray and a boathook. Methodical and tenacious return music and folding knives, meaning the operator likely uses noise bombs to disorient foes then rushes in to stab them. Resilience and bravery show knives and swords, so this update will clearly be melee-heavy. You can't argue with my methodology.

Ubisoft will reveal more about Operation White Noise during their livestream of the Pro League Finals on November 18th and 19th. They'll slop details over the White Noise microsite too.

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