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Rainbow Six Siege's Dust Line Update Bursts In


The big red button is, I assume, the primary benefit of working for a games studio. Each one has, I'm fairly certain, a huge red button they slam to send the signal to launch new games and updates. The fanciest studios have special buttons, I imagine is definitely true. Infinity Ward probably have a big red gun firing bullets at a ballistic gel monitor. Paradox's button is likely in the red velvet seat of a throne, pressed by regal buttocks. CD Projekt RED surely chug a big red potion. And Ubisoft Montreal? I imagine they've detonated a big red wall to launch today's big Rainbow Six Siege [official site] update.

The headline features of today's 'Operation Dust Line' update are one new map and two new operators. The new map is Border, set at a border checkpoint. Ubi say, "A mix of old and new buildings with open air pathways make this the most destructible and open planned map to date."

The two new characters are Valkyrie and Blackbeard. She has sticky little camera orbs to toss and pop on walls, while he's put a little shield to stick on top of his rifle to protect his awful beard. The very height of vanity, beardshields. As ever with new Siege characters, for the first week they're only available to season pass owners, who get them unlocked instantly. Come the 18th, everyone will be able to unlock them the usual ways.

The Dust Line update page has details on everything else in this update. A new option lets folks cancel placing gadgets at any time. Graphics are touched up a bit, including lighting improvements. Gun sounds now have occlusion, which Ubi says "means that you will have additional positional information when someone is firing behind a wall near you, or above/below you." Warnings then bans for "toxic behaviour" like racist comments are now in. Cheaters will now be banned permanently after two offenses. Players can now customise their loadouts between rounds. Balance has been tweaked. Annnd there's load more, go read it yourself.

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