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Rainbow Six Siege launches Operation Ember Rise

Hook you in

The booted-up lady doing a high-kick with a grappling gun in the picture above is one of the two latest Operators added to Rainbow Six Siege this week. Ubisoft have rolled out its next major expansion, Operation Ember Rise - a hefty update which combines a reworked Kanal map with some nice new chaos-engendering gadgets and playable adrenaline junkies.

Amaru and Goya are Rainbow's latest playable characters, a yin and yang of strategic hook-shooting madness and defensive playstyles. Amaru is a Peruvian Attacker who uses her Garra Hook to shoot up to rooftops or high-up platforms to get a better vantage point, and uses grenades to stun baddies. Goyo is her counterpoint, a Defender who uses a Volcán Shield - not to be confused with the Vulcan Shield my autocorrect keeps attempting to change it to - to protect from the odd nitro cell or impact grenade.

You can see the new and improved Kanal map in detail in the video below. Ubisoft say their goals for the reworked Kanal include letting players "rotate more easily" while "slowing down objective pushing" and making objectives "more viable for all." They've added new bridges and staircases, added more indoor spaces, and moved several bomb sites while rearranging a few others.

Goyo and Amaru are available to anyone who has the Year 4 Pass. Those who don’t will have to wait it out another week until they’re able to purchase the Operators. Check out the full patch notes right here.

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