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Rainbow Six Siege gets a chuffing grappling hook gun in Operation Ember Rise

A grappling hook gun!

After almost four years of being a game-shaped digital object, Rainbow Six Siege will soon qualify for 'actual certified video game' status when its next update adds a new character with a grappling hook. This gadget, a featured mandated by the video game certification board, will let Amaru whoosh up buildings and through windows. Proper video game stuff. She'll be joined in Operation Ember Rise by Goyo, whose magic trick is to strap honking great petrol bombs to his deployable shields so they go up in a burst of flames. Come watch some grappling in this here new video.

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Amaru, hailing from Peru, is the new Attacker with the grappling hook. I'm told she is "a former archaeologist," which must be in the Lara Croft sense of 'archaeology.' Being able to use the grappling hook not only to enter windows and zip to rooftops but to ascend the floors of a building is grand. That's more than I'd expected. Apparently she delivers a nasty kick to anyone who's idly standing by her grappling point too.

Goyo is the Defender with the exploding shield. Apparently they can be triggered by anyone at any point by shooting the bright red petrol cans, or just go up in flames anyway when they're destroyed. Handy bit of area denial, those few seconds of fire. Biography-wise, he's just a former member of the Mexican special forces. What a missed opportunity for him to be, I don't know, a former petrol-pumper who joined the shootarmy after his station was ignited by an irresponsible smoker and he realised petrol held a terrible power. Bet you're kicking yourself now, Yann Ubisoft.

As for the backdrop of all this video's action, it's the revamped version of Kanal also coming in the update.

Operation Ember Rise hits the PC test servers today. I'd probably expect the full and finished Operation to go live in three weeks? As ever, people who own the Year 4 Pass will get the new Operators seven days early and unlocked instantly, while everyone else will need to wait and cough up some of the virtuacash earned by playing.

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