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Meet Rainbow 6 Siege's next characters and map

When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come?

As Rainbow Six Siege continues smashing through its third year of contents updates, Ubisoft have shown off the two new characters coming in its next big patch, Operation Grim Sky. The fella known as Maverick has a blowtorch to cut wee holes in walls, while Clash is a London rozzer armed with an electrozapping bulletproof shield. Arriving alongside them is a new version of Rainy day in Hereford at an SAS training facility. And you can see all of that in a new video below.

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So! Maverick is an Attacker who can use his blowtorch to cut tiny holes in walls to peek and shoot through, or juuust about manage ones big enough for a person to fit through. Clash is the first Defender with a shield, which protects her whole body from bullets from the front and can zap out electrozorps to slow and damage enemies approaching her. Ubisoft say it lets her fill gaps and roam places Defenders often can't, though it doesn't make her invincible and she can't hold a gun at the same time. Also, Ubisoft write some ha ha hilarious backstory.

"Born and raised in England, she's a tough officer who served with the Territorial Support Group, holding the front line during the 2011 London Riots. She earned her spot with the Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19), making herself known within London's Metropolitan Police Services (MPS)." And why a shield? "Clash is the perfect Operator to handle this new gadget and weapon because she understands mob behaviour and she pioneered snatch squad tactics, not to mention her experience as a riot officer."

I would pay good money for a tourist guide to London as imagined by Ubisoft.

As for Hereford, Ubisoft say they've reworked the ancient map so much that it will feel familiar but "should be treated as a new map". The layout is reworked, new stairs are added between floors, and generally it should be up to the game's current standards. Look:

Cover image for YouTube video

The Operation Grim Sky update is on the PC test servers today, then should go live properly in September. God, imagine if Ubisoft found out there's a place named Grimsby.

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