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Rainbow Six Siege Shows Red Crow's Japanese New Map

High castle

The next free Rainbow Six Siege [official site] level will be visiting Japan, Ubisoft have confirmed, for the copmen to smash through a castle. Which is in the middle of the city of Nagoya. Atop a skyscraper. It's a castle on a skyscraper. That sounds expensive. That sounds fun to smash! Word (and moving pictures) of this level leaked a while back but hey, now it's official.

Here, check out the new map coming in Operation Red Crow:

Cover image for YouTube video

That's a good-looking map, that. Bonus points go to everyone who fakes opponents out by pretending to be mannequins.

A few weeks ago, footage leaked of two players larking about in an unfinished version of the map with one of the new operators. It's not exciting and clearly not finished but hey, for posterity:

Cheeky folks have also leaked notgreat pictures of the new operators, Echo and Hibana.

Ubisoft plan to gab about Red Crow and show it off during a Twitch livestreams next weekend, November 12th and 13th. Presumably they'll also announce when the update will actually launch. The usual Siege update approach is to launch the map for everyone while restricting the new characters to people with a Season Pass for a week before letting everyone else get at them.

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