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Rainbow Six Siege starts Operation Void Edge today

Two new Operators, one revamped map

Two new doorkickers arrive in Rainbow Six Siege today with the start of Year 5 and Operation Void Edge. Iana can deploy a remote-controlled holographic duplicate of herself, while Oryx eschews fancy technology to just run around real fast to bowling over opponents and bashing through walls with his burly body. The update also brings a reworked version of the map Oregon, balance changes, and bug fixes. See some of all this in the trailer below.

You two new Operators are the Iana, an Attacker from the Netherlands, and Oryx, the Defender from Jordan. Iana is armed with a choice of assault rifles and has the Gemini Replicator remote-controlled holographic doodad to scout and distract. Oryx can carry a shotgun or MP5, and his 'Remah Dash' move lets him zoom around, knock people over, and even, at the cost of a little health, bash through walls. Oryz can also climb through broken hatches, or just hang and peek if he doesn't want to go all the way. Also, Iana IS AN ASTRONAUT.

As ever, new Operators are initially exclusive to season pass holders for the first week, then everyone else will be able to unlock them the hard way.

What else have we got... Oregon is overhauled with a refreshed look, areas made more open and structured, new access points, and other bits. Busted barriers will create smaller debris so you should never have the frustrating problem of, due to the client-side way it's handled, being shoot by someone through a hole which looks blocked to you but isn't for them. Lesion and Twitch have received the greatest heft of the balance tweaks. Prices to unlock Mira, jackal, Lion, Finka, Mozzie, and Gridlock have all been reduced. Imogen has explained some of the nitty-gritty before.

And because reasons, Ash is getting an Elite costume dressing her as Lara Croft from ye olde PlayStation days. Ubisoft and Square Enix team up for a crossover and this is what we get? Alrighty then.

Ah, there's loads more. Ubisoft's Operation Void Edge page explains the lot, and this patch note addendum details a few extra fixes.

The patch download is a honking great 60-69GB.

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