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Rainbow Six Siege's Grand Larceny event invites you to an old-timey British heist

Become a 1920s English mobster

For the next two weeks, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is swapping out hostages and bombs for safeboxes full of… well it doesn't actually say what they're full of. I imagine it's money, or gold, or something that old-timey English gangsters like, because it's all part of the Grand Larceny event, inspired by 1920s British mobs.

Ubisoft have reimagined the old Hereford map to create a mobster hideout for a brand new game mode, The Stolen Goods. In it, players will need to defend their fortunes against attackers who know exactly where to look to nab that loot.

That's not the only twist to this new mode. Operators won't be going into these fights with their normal loadouts, instead they'll have nowt but a trusty shotgun to get the job done. The developers have done away with the preparation phase, too - no drones in the 1920s I'm afraid.

Oh also, you know how when you blow up the floor or ceiling, there are always metal beams underneath holding everything together? Well, seeing as this is a hundred year-old building you'll be battling in, those metal bars aren't there anymore. Will you be a sneaky attacker and shoot at your enemies from below? Or a mischievous defender and leave a few pitfall traps for your assailants? You decide!

Other than that, matches are fairly standard rules: 5v5, defenders win by murdering attackers, attackers win by murdering defenders or completing the objective (which in this case is opening a certain number safeboxes).

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Almost all the operators are unlocked for this event, bar a few like Twitch, IQ, and others that don't quite fit in with the game mode. Ubisoft don't give a reason for this, but it seems like a lot of operators that use particularly hi-tech equipment have been left out.

Most of the characters that are involved, however, are getting some lovely art-deco style cosmetics. You'll be able to grab these through Grand Larceny packs which can be earned by doing event challenges, or you can buy them for 300 R6 Credits (the game's premium currency) or 12,500 Renown.

The Grand Larceny event runs from today until May 19th, and you can check out the event page for more info.

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