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Rainbow Six Siege's next two operators are inbound with Year 5 Season 2

Meet the new neighbors

Rainbow Six Siege's year 5 plans are marching along. Season 2 for the year is officially titled Operation Steel Wave and as promised it's bringing two new operators and a rework for the House map. Ubisoft gave a look at Ace the medic and Melusi the tracker and their new gadgets during a reveal livestream today. Both are joining the roster with Steel Wave on the test servers tomorrow.

Ace, former Norwegian Armed Forces member and EMT, is an attacker who "rushes in and makes an entrance—an entrance through almost any barrier," Ubisoft say. Ace's breaching Selma gadget can be thrown at breachable surfaces to create three sequential explosions that open a widening hole if not destroyed mid-sequence. Two of 'em can breach even a reinforced hatch. They'll also destroy defender gadgets in their area.

Melusi the anti-poaching defender is "highly adaptable," they say. "If she does not catch the target herself, she can slow them long enough to be intercepted by someone else." Melusi's Banshee gadget buzzes when an attacker steps into its radius and slows them like barbed wire the closer they get to it. To play on the pacing even more, Melusi is quick herself, getting a three speed rating.

As for the House rework, Ubisoft say they didn't want to "mess with the flavor" of the classic map too much. They've stressed that it's a "casual" rework, not competitive. Generally, it's much bigger on the back side. There two new rooms on both floors, new bomb sites, and a new set of stairs from the new reading room next to the TV room. You'll find the external garage door shut as well.

Apparently that Apex-inspired Ping 2.0 feature that Ubisoft's been talking about is getting a delay thanks to the Covid-19 coronavirus so it's not joining the game this season.

You can find the rest of the details about the map rework, new operators, and competitive changes over on R6's site.

Steel Wave hits the R6 test servers tomorrow, Tuesday May 19th.

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