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Razer's intensely RGB desk-sized mouse mat is 50% off at Amazon UK

91 x 29cm of Razer Chroma goodness for £29.99, down from £59.99

Razer's intensely Chromatic RGB desk pad is half-price on Amazon UK right now, dropping from £60 to £30 - a historic low price. If you're at all a fan of RGB lighting, and especially if you're already in Razer's ecosystem, this is a great deal for a mouse pad of this size and quality.

The Goliathus hasn't been reviewed here at RPS, but the mouse pad has been received favourably elsewhere, with reviewers mentioning its soft cloth surface, good tracking accuracy and its convenient cable routing feature, which gives the appearance of just a single cable snaking back to your computer. It's also a really good size at 91 x 29cm, giving you a unified look for your whole gaming area and a comfy platform that stretches from one side of your desk to the other.

Normally Razer's mouse pads are nearly double the price of competing options from no-name brands, but now Razer actually holds a price advantage. Compared to those no-names, you get easier to control RGB lighting - in Razer Synapse - that can synchronise with any other Razer or Razer-affiliated peripherals, like mice, keyboards, headsets and more. Of course, you could manually sync your RGB lighting using products from any vendor, but it's just convenient to be able to change your colour scheme everywhere with a single click.

I'm sure not everyone will be on board the RGB train, but I find it satisfying to change from a perky teal in the morning when I'm starting work to a calmer red or gold in the evening. You can go for the usual manufacturer-favourite rainbow wave, but there are tons of more subtle effects on offer too from gentler flickers and gradual colour changes to simple solid colours.

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If you've not tried a desk pad before, it's well worth doing so - after months of using one, all other mouse pads feel small to me! This is a great opportunity to get one of the best options on the market at a steep discount, and Amazon's returns are normally kind enough to take a product back if it doesn't live up to your expectations - so what have you got to lose?

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