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Razer's Naga Trinity, your favourite MMO mouse, is down to £45 (from £100)

RPS readers can't be wrong, right?

The Razer Naga Trinity is the RPS MMO mouse of choice, or at least it was the highest-ranking MMO option the last time we did some Reader's Choice polls, so I thought you might like to know that this popular rodent is more than half-off on Amazon at present as part of the firm's Spring Sale. That makes it a great time to pick up a mouse that's like three models in one...

The way that works is that the mouse comes with three interchangeable side panels, which pop on and off easily to suit different use cases. There's a light option with just two buttons in the standard mousing configuration, a medium option that offers a circle of buttons around a textured centre, and a heavy option that makes twelve buttons within easy reach of your thumb. This makes the Naga Trinity a surprisingly good option for basically any computer-based task, from spreadsheets and report-writing to soloing Diablo 4's world boss.

The Naga Trinity got a warm review from current editor in chief and erstwhile hardware editor Katharine, who rated it highly despite an asking price, back then, of £100. That's loads of money, yet the mouse's flexibility, lightness, software and make it worthwhile.

Today though, you won't have to pay anything near that - just £45, which if this counts as three mice works out to £15 per mouse. Bargain!

We'll continue highlighting deals as we spot them, so stay tuned for more from us very soon. Until then, farewell!

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