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Razer's plush Nari Essential Wireless headset is down to $35 at Best Buy

A steep $65 off its $100 MSRP.

Razer's Nari Essential headset is a nice wireless option, with oversized and super-comfy ear cushions, a THX spatial audio certification and a relatively sturdy design. It retailed at $100, half the price of the ultra-premium Nari Ultimate, but today it's significantly cheaper at Best Buy. You'll pay just $35 for it now, a $65 discount and a great deal for an older but still great-sound wireless headset.

The Nari Essential, which works with PCs plus consoles that accept USB headsets (PS4, PS5, Switch, Steam Deck), is firstly a surprisingly comfortable headset for its size and weight, helped by its gel-infused ear cushions and balanced design. The headset looks cool too, with its oversized circular ear cups, although it's probably too bulky to take far beyond your home.

Battery life is decent at 16 hours, the 2.4GHz wireless worked reliably at range in my testing and I also like the flip-to-mute microphone, which lets you know that you're muted (or not) with confidence - a nicety for both Zoom meetings and competitive Warzone matches alike.

The overall sound signature here is quite bass heavy, as befitting a headset family typified by its rumble, but a 10-band EQ is provided to allow for a more neutral response if you prefer. The Razer Synapse app also includes a few modes to experiment with (and ultimately discard) and a THX Spatial Audio toggle that simulates 7.1 surround sound, an effect that isn't much use in competitive shooters with decent sound but can make certain games and movies feel more cinematic.

Overall, it's a fairly decent headset for $100, and an incredibly great one for $35. If you're in the market for a cheap wireless headset, this will probably blow almost anything else at this price range out of the water - but feel free to check our gaming headset recommendations for some alternatives if you like!

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