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Red Dead Redemption 2: 100% Completion guide and checklist

Everything you'll need to do to hit 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a couple of weeks at the time of publishing this article, and if you're done with the main storyline you'll likely want to make sure you're sampling every last drop of content in the game.

If you do manage to cover key side activities and story missions you'll unlock 100% progress on the game, which is a nice way of making sure you've checked off the best that the game has to offer.

In our 100% completion guide, we've broken down everything you need to do to reach the elusive milestone. For some of the trickier tasks involved we've produced individual guides - click the links to get step by step walkthroughs for each one.

Missions - 100% Completion

Here are some of the key missions and in-game events that you need to complete as part of your journey to 100%.

  • Finish all 107 missions to complete the main storyline
  • Finish 10 Stranger Missions
  • Finish 5 Bounty Hunter Missions
  • Experience 25 chance encounters out in the wild
  • Survive an ambush by a gang
  • Clear all Gang Hideouts in the game [RDR2: Gangs guide]

If the Bounty Hunter missions are giving you a hard time, the following video explains how to complete each one with the minimum of fuss:

Watch on YouTube

Collectible Items - 100% Completion

There's a huge number of collectible sets and objectives to work through in Red Dead Redemption 2, and you'll need to finish up all of these for 100% completion of the game.

  • Locate a point of interest
  • Find all nine graves [RDR2: Grave Locations guide]
  • Complete a set of cigarette cards
  • Finish "A Test of Faith"
  • Finish "A Fisher of Fish"
  • Finish "Duchesses and Other Animals
  • Finish "Geology for Beginners [RDR2: Rock Carvings guide]
  • Finish "A Better World, A New Friend
  • Finish a chain of Treasure Hunts
  • Locate all 20 Dreamcatchers

The video below helped us out a huge amount when it came to tracking down all nine graves. Give it a watch if you're struggling to complete it.

Watch on YouTube

Environmental - 100% Completion

There are various environmental milestones that you need to reach as part of the 100% completion process. Here's a checklist of each task:

  • Study a total of 50 animals
  • Uncover 10 equipment items
  • Discover 10 species of fish
  • Discover all gangs in the game [RDR2: Gangs guide]
  • Discover 10 breeds of horses
  • Discover 20 species of plants
  • Discover 48 weapons in total

You'll encounter a handful of gangs as you complete the story, but a couple need to be tracked down separately. The video below explains how to do exactly that.

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Player - 100% Completion

Developing your character is also a part of the 100% completion process. Here are the three challenges you need to overcome.

  • Max out your Health, Stamina and Dead Eye stats
  • Reach Level 4 Bonding with a horse
  • Finish all challenges [RDR2: Challenges guide]

Related Guides:

Various - 100% Completion

Finally, here's a list of odds and ends that you'll need to work through to reach your target:

  • Discover 5 Shacks
  • Destroy 5 Legendary Animals [RDR2: Legendary Animals guide]
  • Play each table game at least once [RDR2: Blackjack guide]
  • Talk to 5 Special Characters
  • Use a bath in one of the game's hotels
  • Watch a show
  • Head to the Theatre Raleur in Valentine and watch a performance
  • Craft a recipe from six different categories of craftable items
  • Finish four different robberies: train, coach, shop and home [RDR2: Robbery guide]

The video below goes into detail about the Robbery systems in Red Dead Redemption 2. Give it a watch if you're struggling to take these challenges on.

Watch on YouTube

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