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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Best horses guide

How to unlock and locate the very best horses available in the game.

There's not exactly a shortage of horses to track down and tame in Red Dead Redemption 2, but it's safe to say that some of those nags are a little better to own than others when it comes to looks, handling and survivability.

The cosmetic look of the thing will certainly influence you, but there are a handful of breeds that are significantly better than the rest when it comes to trekking through the wilds, and they are well worth tracking down when you can.

It's a big old world out there (a very big old world), and so in the early days anything you can get will do, but if you're looking to track down the very best horses in the game, then we've got a guide that will help you track them down.

Here you'll find an overview of the best breed of horses, and we'll help you locate them too. Just keep in mind that as you head out to hunt down your new steed, you'll only be able to access some of them a little later on in the game.

Arabian Horses

White-Maned Arabian

You'll struggle to get hold of this one immediately in your play time as you'll have to head out into the wilds to track one down and claim it as your own.

When you're ready to break out on your own and locate one though, you'll find it in the vicinity of Lake Isabella. Don't expect an easy job of taming this one though, and you'll find yourself having to persistently approach it as you attempt to calm and tame it.

What makes the White-Maned Arabian such a good horse in Red Dead Redemption 2? Well, although it's not quite got the best health and stamina ratings of the other horses in this breed, it is relatively easy to find early on, making it a good starter horse to target.

Black-Maned Arabian

If you've made it to Chapter 4, head to the Saint Denis Stable to buy this slightly improved Arabian breed which has much improved health and stamina over its White-Maned counterpart.

Rose Grey Bay-Maned Arabian

This horse represents the creme de la creme of the Arabian breed, and can be purchased from the Blackwater Stable once you've reached the Epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2. Of the three Arabian horses, this one has the best health and stamina ratings, and is a fine end-game horse indeed!

Missouri Fox Trotter

If speed's your thing then the Fox Trotter is very much the horse you're after. It's also got a decent health and stamina rating, meaning you can keep going at a jolly old clip for much longer.

The different breeds in this category all possess exactly the same stats. As with the Turkoman breeds, however, you can only purchase them once you've hit a certain milestone in the story.

The Amber Champagne breed can be bought from the Scarlet Meadows Stable in Chapter 4, while the Silver Dapple Pinto can only be purchased from Blackwater Stable at the Epilogue stage of the game.

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Turkoman Horses

You won't get off to a fast start with a Turkoman, but what these beasts lake in build-up they more than compensate for in terms of overall speed, health rating and handling.

Don't worry about which variety you pick (Gold, Dark Bay or Silver) as they all have identical stats. This aspect's strictly for looks, although you can only get certain styles at certain points in the game.

The Gold Turkoman can be bought from the Saint Denis Stable in Chapter 4. The Dark Bay and Silver Turkomans will be ready for purchase from the Blackwater Stable and Tumbleweed Stable respectively, and once you've reached the Epilogue chapter of the story.

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