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Red Dead Redemption 2: Dreamcatcher guide - All dreamcatcher locations and reward

How to find every dreamcatcher in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Knocking around Red Dead Redemption 2’s map are a total of 20 dreamcatchers. You’ll find them in obscure places, dangling off trees and the like. Once you’ve caught them all, you can visit a secret location to collect a unique reward for your efforts.

Below we’ve put together a guide which explains where to find them all across the map and details how to collect the special reward for collecting every single one.

We’ve also embedded a video by Arekkz just below which is a must-watch as it shows you where to find them all in-game, and you can’t really get better than that.

Where to find all Dreamcatchers

There are a total of 20 dreamcatchers to be found across the map and they’ll all be hanging from trees. To interact with them, walk underneath them and press [triangle] or [square] when prompted.

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  • Dreamcatcher #1 - West of Flatneck Station, on a hill.
  • Dreamcatcher #2 - West of Caliban’s Seat, near the road.
  • Dreamcatcher #3 - South of Valentine, on a dirt path.
  • Dreamcatcher #4 - Southeast Grizzlies West, on the way up a mountain.
  • Dreamcatcher #5 - Northeast Grizzlies West, just off a main path, just past a fallen tree.
  • Dreamcatcher #6 - East of Cotorra Springs, on the biggest tree in a small thicket.
  • Dreamcatcher #7 - Northeast of Grizzlies West, just south of “The Loft”. It’s just outside this area.
  • Dreamcatcher #8 - North of Annesburg, in a clearing.
  • Dreamcatcher #9 - Just North of Annesburg, on the edge of a road.
  • Dreamcatcher #10 - Southeast of Annesburg, on top of a hill.
  • Dreamcatcher #11 - South of Annesburg, just off the road in the middle of a group of trees.
  • Dreamcatcher #12 - South of Elysian Pool, on a big tree by a bush.
  • Dreamcatcher #13 - Northeast of Bluewater Marsh, on a tree where the path forks.
  • Dreamcatcher #14 - North of Lonnie’s Shack, on a path.
  • Dreamcatcher #15 - West of Aberdeen’s Pig Farm, on a hill.
  • Dreamcatcher #16 - Inside the “O” of “Hanover”.
  • Dreamcatcher #17 - South of Heartland Overflow, on a somewhat isolated tree in the open.
  • Dreamcatcher #18 - On top of the “N” in “Heartlands”.
  • Dreamcatcher #19 - North of Citadel Rock, on a patch near the train track.
  • Dreamcatcher #20 - West of the “E” in “Heartlands”, just off a path.

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How to claim Dreamcatcher reward

Once you’ve collected all 20 dreamcatchers, a reward becomes available inside the cave hidden behind the Elysian Pool waterfall in Roanoke Ridge. You’ll want to head inside and climb up the steep slope until you reach an alcove with cave paintings on your right. Examine the painting of the large buffalo to obtain the “Ancient Arrowhead”.

The Ancient Arrowhead doubles the amount of time your stamina lasts when drawing your bow - nice.

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