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Red Dead Redemption 2: Legendary Animals guide - All locations

How to find all 15 Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Spread across the wilds of Red Dead Redemption 2's massive map are a series of Legendary animals which you can hunt down for fun and profit.

Many of these also play into other quests in the game, such as the Talisman missions which provide you with some very helpful passive benefits.

In our Legendary Animals guide, we've pulled together a complete list of every one of these creatures, and provided crystal clear information on how to track down each one.

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Legendary Animal Locations List

There are 16 Legendary Animals to hunt down in total. Here's a complete list of them, along with a little bit of extra insight into how to track each one of them down.

Legendary Beaver

This cutesy, albino creature can be found scuttling along the river to the west of the Van Horn Trading Post. Seek out the marker on the map, and it won’t be long before you encounter it. Once you do, make sure you line up the perfect shot with the Varmint Rifle or use the Bow for a clean kill.

Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

Appropriately enough, you’ll be able to find the Legendary Bear by travelling to the Grizzlies and searching around the north of O’Creagh’s Run. You’ll remember that this bear almost killed you (or butchered you) during Chapter 2, so return to this area. His home is located next to the mountain, and up an narrow path.

Make sure you’re packing a Springfield or Rolling Block Rifle, and aim for the brain or heart with Express ammo. It might take more than a few shots to fell it, but be patient and it’ll go down eventually.

Legendary Big Horn Ram

This creature can be found east of Cattail Pond, and you’ll spot it's dung when you first show up. Follow its trail and you’ll eventually hit a tree stump, then some fur, then to the ram itself.

Be warned, this ram is very skittish. Make sure your scent is covered up and you’re concealed nicely in some foliage. Also, we’d recommend using the Bow and aiming for the brain to land a fatal blow. Anything less than a fatal shot and it’ll leg it.

Legendary Bison

At the north-west tip of the map is Lake Isabella, and this is where you’ll find this big, beefy boy. Before you arrive, make sure you’re wrapped up warm otherwise your health will start to drain. The bison’s clue trail normally spawns on a large rock on the edge of the lake.

Once you’ve successfully followed the clue trail, the bison will likely be found standing by some trees. We’d advise using a high powered rifle like the Springfield or Rolling Block and aiming for the head.

Legendary Boar

Head to Bluewater Marsh and root around the boar image on the map. You’ll come across some dung, and eventually the clue trail will lead you to the boar who’ll be standing on the riverside.

The boar isn’t aggressive and won’t attack you. It’s best to be careful and keep your distance, though. Get out your Bow or Sniper Rifle and hit it with some headshots to bring it down.

Legendary Buck

This animal can be found northwest of Strawberry in Big Valley. You’ll find the first clue between the black path and the buck icon on the map. Follow this trail and eventually it’ll lead you straight to the buck which will likely be encircled by many trees.

With this in mind, make sure you take your time to get a decent angle on the buck. As with many of these animals, we’d recommend a Bow or Sniper Rifle and a calculated shot to the brain or heart.

Legendary Bull Gator

This nasty piece of work is one of the most difficult creatures to hunt down. To make it appear, you need to complete the Chapter 4 story mission “Country Pursuits”. Once you’ve done so, head to the Bayou Nwa, west of Lakay.

If the animal doesn’t show, it might appear later down the line. Just keep checking periodically throughout the story and the first clue will eventually show up.

Once you’ve followed all of the clues, be prepared for a very tough fight. It’ll charge you with frightening speed, so we’d recommend triggering deadeye immediately and hitting it in the head with some high-powered Sniper shots. Follow this with more shots from a Shotgun or a Repeater if the job still isn’t done.

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Legendary Cougar

This ferocious feline can be found near Gaptooth Ridge, west of Tumbleweed in New Austin. Make sure you’re geared up with cover scent and your Deadeye is maxed out - this thing is lethal and can pounce you in a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve tracked it down, whip out a Sniper Rifle and hit it with a headshot. Immediately switch to a Shotgun or a Repeater and blast it between the eyeballs before it claws you to death.

Legendary Coyote

This wiley animal can be found prowling about Scarlett Meadows. Inspect its dung, then begin following its trail to some fur, followed by a sheep carcass.

Once you’ve tracked it down, hit it in the head with a Springfield or Rolling Block Rifle to bring it down in one fell swoop. It’s extremely fast, so anything but a fatal blow will cause it to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Legendary Elk

Head to the east of Bacchus Station in the Cumberland Forest region and you’ll soon spot the clue trail. Much like it’s other legendary compatriots, this thing is skittish. Take you time to line up a clean headshot with a Bow or Sniper and it’ll go down pretty quickly.

Legendary Fox

This fox can be found near Mattock Pond, just north of Rhodes. It’s a wooded area, and you’re looking for a small animal, so keep your wits about you. The clue trail will lead you over the brow of a hill and right at the bottom you’ll spot the fox scurrying around the shoreline.

Hit the fox with a Bow or Sniper to take it out quickly.

Legendary Moose

The legendary moose can be found near a heavily wooded lake near Roanoke Ridge.

It’s a surprisingly nimble creature for its size, so make sure you use the Bow or high powered Sniper Rifle to bring it down before it runs off.

Legendary Pronghorn

Head south of Armadillo, search around Rio Del Lobo Rock and you’ll come across this Legendary Pronghorn eventually. Follow the clue trail, starting with fur, moving onto dung and back to fur. Once you’ve spotted it, get out a Sniper Rifle, use Dead Eye and hit it in the head.

Legendary Tatanka Bison

You’ll find this animal in south east of Thieves Landing in Stillwater Creek. Follow all the clues and it’ll spawn in the plains. Due to its enormous size, make sure you headshot it from the side with a Sniper Rifle, Scoped Carbine or Bow.

Legendary Wolf

You’ll find this wolf trekking around just east of Cotorra Springs, and it can be a difficult fight as the terrain’s extremely open. There’s simply not a lot of cover, which makes you easy pickings for a quick pounce.

Once you’ve tracked it down, land a quick Sniper shot to the head and follow this up with a Deadeye to the skull with a repeater.

Legendary Giaguro Panther

This animal shows up in Lemoyne, west of Shady Belle once you’ve completed the Master Hunter Challenge, rank nine.

Again, it’ll behave similarly to that of the cougar, so approach it carefully and be prepared for a close range fight once you’ve landed that initial shot.

If you prefer a visual guide to tracking down your targets, we reckon this video by YouTuber Arekkz Gaming is about as good as it gets. If you find it useful, give them a thumbs-up and consider subscribing to their channel.

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