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Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like a gorgeous moving model village in this fan video

This town ain't tiny enough for etc

Fans have used the tilt-shift effect (one of those camera techniques you'd recognise but find hard to succinctly describe) and some clever editing to turn Red Dead Redemption 2 into a gorgeous little living model town. The resulting video is too good not to share below.

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Its creators, the YouTube channel Red Dead Online Guides, have made lots of tips and some fun time lapse videos for the cowboy game, but their latest video is definitely their tootinest, and possibly also their rootinest.

On their Reddit thread, they elaborated that they achieved the effect with "a mod that would allow me to move the camera far enough away to get the shot, then using Premiere, add a fast blur & fast color correction to make a fake depth of field/blur illusion to make it work." I respect the integrity of sharing that. I'm far too bad at video editing to give away how many rocks I threw at the soul box before it worked. They also sped up the footage and adjusted the frame rate to give it a "Sim/Cities Skylines looking effect", which is particularly suited to RDR's setting since it's also reminiscent of that old timey hand-cranked video feel.

I honestly struggled to choose a favourite part. It's already an impressive looking game, but this is some beautiful work, and shows the enormous difference a fairly simple change of perspective can make. Did anyone else catch themself thinking "ooh, I wish I could play a game set th... wait"? No, me neither.

Red Dead Online Guides have more footage stored away, and promise to give that the treatment in future videos too. You may want to keep an eye on their YouTube channel.

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