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Red Dead Redemption 2's 1.14 update finally fixed our launcher woes

Back from the dead?

So far, Red Dead Redemption 2’s hardest mission has been to get it to work. A fair few folk have been unable to get beyond the new Rockstar Launcher, a crime punishable by tickling in these here parts. If you’ve suffered, you might want to give it a try now. The latest update fixed the launcher trouble for our hardware editor Katharine Castle, who can now hopefully get to benchmarking it with a righteous fury.

The patch notes are not extensive, which is hilarious given how overwritten the game is. Here's the relevant section on the fixes for RDR2 Title Update 1.14:

Improvements to address issues that resulted in Red Dead Redemption 2 crashing due to Anti-Virus software.

Various stability fixes

They clearly didn't channel Dutch in detailing that, but for Katharine, who tried so hard to get the game to work that she now owns two copies, the launcher no longer throws a shoe when loading the game. I have hope in my heart that y'all are able to join her in her journey West.

The rest of the update adds a new bounty in Har-Dee-Har 2 Online, some collectables, and some emotes to the in-game catalogue

A new Legendary Bounty has been added to Red Dead Online:

  • Etta Doyle

Weekly Collectible List – Fortune Teller’s Collection:

  • Ace of Cups
  • Ace of Wands
  • Absinthe

Four new emotes have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue:

  • Gentle Wave
  • Applause
  • Thumbs Down
  • Hush Your Mouth

Applause? That has to be sarcastic, right?

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