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Resident Evil 2 demo timer can be reset with computer wizardry

Stick it to The Man

If you fancy playing the Resident Evil 2 remake's demo past its 30-minute deadline, good news: canny corpsegnawers have figured out how to reset the timer. It's a little fiddly but if you want to amble around the Raccoon Police Department HQ for longer, exploring or puzzling or popping heads, that is now an option. While the demo is still due to expire at the end of January, this is one arbitrary timer evaded. I'll leave you to untangle the ethical issues of breaking software rules to become a cop to shoot cops who are eating cops.

Released on Friday night, the RE2 '1-Shot' demo pitches its timer as a bonus somehow, a thrilling half-hour limit restricting Leon S. Kennedy's visit to RCPD. Which is a shame, because it's nice to wander and coo at stuff, muttering "Ooh doesn't this look fancier than it did 21 years ago? Wait, 21 years? Oh my god. How old am I? Where did it all go?"

Or youngsters might enjoy taking half an hour to enjoy laughing at how old all the in-game technology looks. You'll be old one day too, you know, and people will laugh at you and your Bebo too.

You can find the demo on Steam. It's a 7.2GB download which, considering the two timers, is a lot for folks with slower connections or data limits.

To get round the demo's timer, the video below from "CursedToast" demonstrates, you'll need to fiddle with some files and use the Steam Achievement Manager. This prrrobably shouldn't get you banned or owt? You might want to sacrifice a second account to it, just in case.

A simple 'trainer' exists to more easily get around the timer, but I'm not sure about the legitimacy of sites it's hosted on so y'know I'd rather not link that. It exists if you want to find it?

Resident Evil 2 is due to launch on January 25th. Pre-orders alone have already pushed it to #2 on Steam's sales charts.

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