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Three of Capcom's best games are going cheap at Fanatical today

Cap-come on down!

Have you exhausted your Steam library? Okay, let me rephrase that: have you run out of things you’re excited to play in your Steam library? Well, if you’re a fan of Capcom games, then the latest discounts from Fanatical are well worth a look, with Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne Master Edition all going cheap today.

First up is the deluxe edition of Resident Evil 2 for £20, which is 55% off its usual price and better than the 50% off deal that's running on Steam right now. Not the 22-year-old (yes, that’s twenty-two) original, of course, but the all-singing, all-dancing third-person remake that our Matt was rather fond of when he put it through its paces last January in his Resident Evil 2 review. Nic Reuben also found a whole new lease of life in the Ghost Survivors mode, which is like a horror obstacle course.

The deluxe edition comes with a couple of nice extras, too, including the option to swap its new soundtrack for the retro original, a new gun and a bunch of alternate costumes for Claire and Leon.

Next up is Devil May Cry 5 for £16, which is also 55% off. While I've yet to play this particular entry in the series, past experience with Capcom games has taught me that previous story lines aren't an absolute necessity with DMC games, much like how you could watch any Fast and Furious movie without being totally lost. Either way, Matt liked DMC 5’s slashy, over the top stylings in his Devil May Cry 5 review, as did RPS vid bud Matthew in his video review, so there's a good chance you will too.

Finally, there’s 30% off Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition. Not quite as bargaintastic at £38, this one, but given the game and Iceborne expansion pack included here, there’s hundreds of hours of content. And it’s very, very good too, with Nic seeing fit to slap one of our Bestest Bests stickers on it in his Monster Hunter: World Iceborne review. High praise indeed.

If you have no love for Capcom, or your budget strictly won’t go above £4, then you might also want to check out Fanatical’s Very Positive Bundle 2, which includes eight games with “very positive” reviews on Steam for under £4. For less than 50p each, you’ll get to add Pathologic Classic HD, Pinstripe, Tesla vs Lovecraft, Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, The Age of Decadence, Cosmic Star Heroine, Angry Video Game Nerd II: Assimilation and Shelter 2 to your collection. Which should keep you busy for a while.

Here are all those deals links again (plus a couple of extra Capcom ones for good measure), just in case you prefer ingesting them in a handy bullet-point format:

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