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Resident Evil 2 remake adds three more playable characters February 15th

Raccoon City's very own Expendables

The Resident Evil 2 remake is a lovely thing indeed. A polished, Dead Space-esque re-imagining of a horror classic. Capcom aren't cutting corners on support, either, as there's a chunk of free DLC - The Ghost Survivors - due out on February 15th. It's adding three "what if" scenarios based on three minor characters that never made it out of Raccoon City. Players will be dodging zombies as a soldier, the gun shop owner and the mayor's daughter. Also due on same day are some chunky PSX-style costumes for Leon and Claire. Take a peek at all three characters and the outfits below.

The Ghost Survivors mode sounds a little bit like Raid mode from the Resident Evil Revelations games. There's apparently some random elements to wrestle with, an in-game store where you can buy equipment between runs and at least one new enemy type. Truly, Capcom, with this remake you are spoiling us. The mode was first announced last week during a live-streamed event, but as I only understand a few words in Japanese, I'm relying on second-hand translations until Capcom publish some official English details beyond the date.

Watch on YouTube

(They start talking about The Ghost Survivors at 1 hour 21 minutes in)

I don't believe we know the name of this masked trooper, but his chapter will be called Forgotten Soldier. I'm hoping for a chance to cut loose against some monster swarms with military-grade hardware, minus Hunk's ticking time limit.

Gunsmith Robert Kendo really doesn't seem to be doing too tell in his little teaser screenshot. His scenario is called No Time To Mourn.

And here's Katherine Warren in her chapter, Runaway. Which seems like good advice, given that zombie over there.

And here's the (entirely cosmetic) retro costume DLC. Again, it'll be a free bonus. Despite only having about ten polygons to a hand, old-school Leon (who looks a bit more like Leonardo DiCaprio) has no trouble handling a gun.

Original PSX Claire always looked more ready for a fight, at least to me. Maybe it's the vest and shoulder knife-holster combo, but she looks better prepared for a sudden zombie apocalypse than a fresh-faced rookie cop.

It's good to see Capcom getting so much mileage out of such a relatively small play-space, and offering what looks like a big chunk of DLC for free. RE2 has no season pass, and the 'Deluxe' DLC bundle only includes a handful of costumes, a (useful, but not essential) pistol and an alternative soundtrack. Matt Cox's Resident Evil 2 review isn't quite as positive as I would have been (RE2 holds a very special place in my heart), but he still had a bloody good time with it - it's great to see that it's only going to improve over the coming months.

Resident Evil 2 is out on Steam and Humble for £45/€60/$60, and The Ghost Survivors free DLC and costumes arrive on February 15th.

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