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Resident Evil 2 mods replace Mr. X with an equally terrifying Thomas The Tank Engine


Replacing all of Skyrim's dragons with Thomas The Tank Engine was all fun and games, but I’m beginning to think we have accidentally unlocked a terrible curse, an urge in the heart of modders everywhere to insert him into more and more games. His latest appearance sees him replacing Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, and I think the horror of being relentlessly pursued may have become even creepier with the addition of this expressionless Engine.

I don’t know what it is about Thomas that makes him so moddable, but Nathan Grayson was definitely onto something when he said we should never look directly into the locomotive’s huge, unblinking eyes.

It’s also definitely got something to do with the music, which makes an incredible soundtrack for this video of the mod in action. (There are some minor jump scares, so watch out!)

Do not be fooled by these comical sounds, however. They may seem jolly and unthreatening, but I do not trust this inflammable animated train. Destroying Claire will surely not be the last of his many crimes.

Still, I know what you want to see, so here he is in another video, chasing after an oiled-up, almost naked Leon.

If you would like to fall under Thomas’s spell, you can download his haunted model here, and the accompanying sound effects here. And, don't worry, here's where you can download the sexy Leon mod too.

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