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Resident Evil Village weapons: where to find all weapons

Here's how to get every gun in the game

Resident Evil Village may be a horror game, but it's also filled with a great deal of shooting. Early on you'll start with a pretty weak pistol, but as you progress there are plenty of increasingly powerful weapons to find, purchase, or unlock. And it's easy to miss some of them, so below I've steer you through how to get all the weapons in Resident Evil Village.

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Do be sure to give the video above a watch if you want a handy walkthrough on how to find all the story weapons.

Resident Evil Village weapons: all story weapon locations

Almost all of these weapons are up for grabs during your first campaign playthrough. Almost all of them can be found, while the V61 and SYG shotgun must be purchased from the Shopkeeper.

An image of the M1897 shotgun in Resident Evil Village.

M1897 shotgun

Towards the start of the campaign you'll get your hand bitten, encounter a radio, push a shelf to the side, then shove open a door. You'll face a red gate after doing so. From here, turn left and follow the trail of blood towards a house. Enemies will be sitting on rooftops watching you - ignore them for now. Go up the steps and round into the house. The shotgun will be sat on a table as soon as you enter.

An image of the sniper rifle in Resident Evil Village.

F2 sniper

Once you've fended off the third and final sister, head through the double doors, take the Mask of Joy to the right, and continue straight on through the grey door ahead, and into the Atelier.

Inside you'll find a room with a huge painting of Lady Dimitrescu and another angelic canvas on an easel. Read the note and it says: "Let the five bells of this chamber ring out."

This essentially means smack or shoot five silver bells hidden around the area, not just the room. You'll know when you've activated one when a flame springs up. Below I'll take you through all their locations.

  • Bell 1: There's a big silver bell opposite the main entrance.
  • Bell 2: Face the easel, turn around and look up at the top of the cabinet. You'll spot a very small silver bell perched here alongside a candle. Shoot it to activate it.
  • Bell 3: Head to the top of the stairs and look out at the light streaming in from the windows above the huge portrait of Lady Dimitrescu. There's a silver bell outside. Shoot it to activate it.
  • Bell 4: Walk down these steps a little and face the chandelier in the middle of the room. There's a bell tucked away right in the centre, so shoot the side of the chandelier to make it swing to the side, then shoot the bell as it reveals itself.
  • Bell 5: Now head back into the center of the room and look at the spinning cogs. You'll see the bell swinging back and forth. Time your shot right to activate it.

When you've activated them all, the painting of Lady Dimitrescu will shift and reveal a hidden passage. Head through and up the ladder. Make sure you turn around once you've reached the top as there's a collectible goat rocking away.

Look out for a box with a yellow stripe on it further ahead. Next to it is a treasure map, which hints at a location you've already passed. Carry straight on and you'll bump into the Sniper Rifle.

An image of the M1911 pistol in Resident Evil Village.

M1911 pistol

This weapon becomes unlockable once you've handed the first flask to the shopkeeper.

Once you've done so, head back to the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village. Go through the open gate just below the well symbol on the map. Turn left into the house, and head on through each room until you reach a shabby door with a Wooden Animal (Body) propped up on a cabinet next to it.

Open up the lock, head through, and on your right you'll see a dark doorway that leads off to the left, and a blue door. Unlock the blue door, but don't head through! Instead, take the left entrance.

Unblock the doorway, fight the enemy, then proceed towards the burnt out tractor. Turn left, and approach the big red gate. Slice the padlock open, head into the hut on your left and you'll spot a padlocked cupboard. Enter the code: 07 04 08. Once it's unlocked, the weapon is all yours.

An image of the WTAC 870 shotgun in Resident Evil Village.

W870 TAC shotgun

Once you've escaped the horrors of the Beneviento mansion, proceed straight on and follow the path until it's blocked by a fallen tree and there's a house to its right. Follow the path to the right around the house, and head inside (beware of any enemies that may spring up here!). The W870 TAC shotgun will be propped up against the wall to your right.

An image of the Magnum revolver in Resident Evil Village.

M1851 Wolfsbane (Magnum)

This becomes available once you've finished the third boss in the story.

Once you've escaped, you'll ride an elevator back to the surface. Exit the elevator and use the crank to open the Mechanical Door to your right.

Proceed up the path a bit and open your map. You should see a treasure chest marker - this is what you're aiming for. Thankfully this is a linear path, so keep following the path, and work your way up towards the marker. Beware of enemies here too!

Eventually you'll reach a large house at the top of the path. Circle round it, crawl through a hole in the wall, and eliminate the enemy in the room nearby. Once you've done so, turn right and face the table. Crack the chest open and that's the M1851 Wolfsbane (Magnum) secured.

An image of the grenade launcher in Resident Evil Village.

GM 79 grenade launcher

This weapon becomes available once you've beaten the third boss in the story too.

Start from the elevator save room near the Mechanical Door (which led to the Magnum). Proceed through the other door this time, and head all the way down to the bottom of the path. You'll come across a huge sign which says "This Way". Turn left and follow the flow of the stream as it curves round to the right. Open your map, it'll show a house with an Iron Insignia symbol. It should be dead ahead.

Use your Iron Insignia Key to unlock the door and the GM 79 grenade launcher will be straight ahead.

V61 Custom and SYG-12

Both of these weapons can be bought from the Shopkeeper once you've progressed a little through the fourth area. The V61 automatic costs 120,000 Lei, and the SYG shotgun costs 180,000 Lei.


Once you've beaten the campaign, you can buy this powerful pistol from the Shopkeeper.

Resident Evil Village weapons: All Extra Content weapons

All of these weapons unlock once you've beaten the main campaign. To unlock them, you'll need to head to the Extra Content menu in the Main Menu, then purchase them with CP. Once you've purchased them with CP, head to the Shopkeeper in-game and they'll be available to buy with Lei.


Once you've beaten the campaign you can unlock this burst-fire rifle in the Extra Content menu in the main menu. You'll then need to purchase it from the Shopkeeper in-game.


Once you've beaten the campaign, you can purchase this assault rifle using CP from the Extra Content menu in the Bonus section of the main menu.

Karambit Knife

This weapon becomes available once you've beaten the campaign. Unlock it in the Extra Content menu, then purchase it from the Shopkeeper in-game.


This semi-automatic pistol becomes available once you've beaten the campaign. Unlock it in the Extra Content menu, and then purchase it from the Shopkeeper in-game.

Handcannon PZ

You can purchase this weapon in the Extra Content Bonus menu only after you've completed the campaign on Hardcore difficulty. Once you've done so, head to the Shopkeeper to buy it.

Rocket Pistol

You can purchase this weapon in the Extra Content Bonus menu only after you've completed the campaign on Village of Shadows difficulty. Once you've done so, head to the Shopkeeper to buy it.

LZ Answerer

This Darth Maul-esque laser sword is unlocked once you've earned SS rank in all areas of the Mercenaries mode.

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