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Revitalise an old PC with a 480GB SSD for less than £30

The Adata SU630 ain't fancy, but works well as an internal or external drive.

Do you still have a laptop or desktop in your life running off a hard drive? Right now you can pick up a comfortably-sized 480GB SATA SSD for less than £30, thanks to a discount code available at Ebuyer's Ebay store.

Use code BANK15 to drop the price of a cheap and cheerful Adata SU630 SSD from £35 to £29.78, and marvel at the speed and responsiveness improvement you'll see on machines that were previously running on mechanical hard drives. I performed an upgrade using a similar drive on my brother's old laptop, and it breathed new life into a machine almost ten years old.

This SATA SSD is nothing special, using relatively cheap QLC storage without a DRAM cache, but should offer significantly better performance than a hard drive. It's also completely silent, much more resistant to drops and shocks, and uses less power as it has no moving parts.

These characteristics also make the drive a great choice to use as a portable drive. Pick up a SATA to USB adapter cable (£9) or enclosure (£10) and you'll have a rapid and convenient way to copy game install directories from computer to computer, back up your media collection, play downloaded content on your TV and so on.

If you're looking for a drive to run a more modern computer, such as your primary gaming PC, it might be good to opt for a slightly faster SATA or NVMe solution - although you'll certainly be paying more than £30 for this. Take a look at our gaming SSD recommendations to see what drives we currently rate.

I hope this article proves useful, and thanks for joining me once again. See you on the next deal soon!

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