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Come watch Rezzed Digital's talks and fun live here today

Come watch the streams!

Today should have been the day EGX Rezzed started, but good news: now you don't even need to leave the house to attend. With our corporate siblings' London games show delayed to the summer, we're filling in with Rezzed Digital, a free livestreamed stand-in with interviews, panels, looks at games, and other Rezzed-y fun. Unlike the actual Rezzed, you're allowed to attend this in your pants. Here, read on for today's schedule and to see the streams as they happen.

Each streamed session will have its own separate video, because reasons, and I'll embed them here as they come up through the day. Here's the schedule:

12:00-12:45 - Becoming A Video Games Writer
"The art of storytelling in games is evolving, but how can aspiring wordsmiths hope to find a place in the games industry? Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett, Inkle co-founder Jon Ingold, Medicatonic's Ed Fear, and Failbetter Games' Olivia Wood discuss their journeys and share advice. This panel will be hosted by GamesIndustry.biz UK editor James Batchelor."

13:00-13:45 - Should You Go Indie Straight After Uni?
"Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex developer Mike Bithell shares his experiences of making the journey from employment at an established studio to going independent, and offers insight into the opportunities afforded to indies in the current market. This interview will be hosted by GamesIndustry.biz UK editor James Batchelor."

15:00-15:45 - GamesIndustry.biz Podcast Live
"The GamesIndustry.biz team will take questions from the industry and discuss them in a Live version of their popular business podcast."

16:00-18:00 - Eurogamer stream Resident Evil 2
That's the one with the zombies.

18:30-20:00 - Jesse Cox
This fella will be "streaming a selection of indie games," I'm told.

Rezzed Digital starts today then will run Friday and Saturday too. Some parts of the schedule may still be in flux but Alice Bee gave a hint of other things to come, including lots from the RPS VidBuds and our Nate telling an entirely true history of Jason Statham in video games.

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