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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Trailer Has Nice Hats

First 'gameplay' trailer

I'll come clean: I'd forgotten about Rising Storm 2: Vietnam [official site]. The sequel to WW2 FPS Red Orchestra's Pacific front spin-off was announced by Tripwire Interactive during E3 2015 and, well, I never remember much of E3 week. The data overload flows through me and burns out the paths. Then, months later I'm reminded e.g. oh hey, the Rising Storm gang Antimatter Games are making another realistic-ish FPS, this time jumping to the Vietnam War! Yeah! This renewed awareness comes from a new trailer.

All we'd seen of Rising Storm 2 before (by which I mean all my mixed-up garbagebrain can remember) is jungle warfare, so oh hey, look, city streets too.

Let's talk about what's really important here: those soldiers' helmets. Look at all their different helmets, all the ways they've personalised them by drawing or tucking things into the band. Surely those will be cosmetic customisation options? Tripwire have dabbled in cosmetic bits with Killing Floor 2, after all. One might have an ace of spades, a pack of smokes, a matchbook, a gruesome kill tally, a pretty leaf, a paperback novel, a banana to feed a monkey, a Rambo-style headband, a photo of your sweetheart, a Dear John letter... endless fun!

The trailer comes via the folks at cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer, who revealed it during fan club gathering in London over the weekend.

We've still no firm word on when Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be released. Its Steam page says a vague "2016", but I've no idea how current that is.

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