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Boost: Rocket League's Supersonic Fury DLC

Cosmetic items and free spectator mode

Rocket League [official site] is one of the best multiplayer games I've ever played. Matches are quick, ricocheting between smart tactical play and chaotic panic, and the pace of the motorised football is perfectly pitched. Adding anything new to the delicate mix would risk upsetting the balance so I met the announcement of a DLC pack with some trepidation. Developers Psyonix are masterful mechanics though. The pack, which will be available next month priced at $3.99, contains new cars and customisation options, but nothing that will split the playerbase or offer paid-for advantages. Trailer and details below.

If you can't watch the video where you are right now, the most important part is the announcement that a free patch will be released alongside the DLC. The new arena - a cosmetic switch rather than a fresh layout - is included in the patch, as are some new cosmetic items and the spectator mode. Oh, and a new single by popular music artists Hollywood Principle.

Here are the contents of the DLC:

Dominus (classic American muscle car)
Takumi ('90s-era Japanese street racer)
6 New Decals for both new Battle-Cars
5 New Paint Types
Brushed Metal
Carbon Fiber
Metallic Pearl
2 New Rocket Boosts
2 New Wheels
Cristiano (Soccer-themed rims)
Spinner (Working spinner wheels)

There are no new modes, spectating aside, and I don't think there's any need for them. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 all play like distinct modes as it is, and there'll be ranked matches in 3v3 when the patch lands.

We're currently revving our engines for some Rocket Paper Shotgun action. My goalkeeping skills are unmatched.

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