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Rockstar reveal GTA 6 trailer release date and time in teaser image

Sunny skies ahead

A GTA 6 teaser image with the Rockstar Games logo and a date and time for the first trailer - 5th December 2023 at 9am ET
Image credit: Take-Two Interactive

The first GTA 6 trailer will release on 5th December at 9am ET, 2pm GMT and 6am PT, Rockstar have announced. What's more, they've shared around the first piece of GTA 6 art. It's got palm trees in it. Seagulls too.

The news comes via Xitter. We're still waiting for a glimpse of the official Grand Theft Auto 6 logo, which probably won't look like the horrendous mocked-up vapourwave one that's been circulating on Youtube.

A whistle-stop rundown of GTA 6 rumours: it's allegedly set in Vice City, which is based on Miami, and it has male and female protagonists, who have been compared to Bonnie and Clyde. According to the latter report, the game is being developed under a live-service model, and Rockstar have taken steps to avoid the crunch and overwork of GTA 5's development.

Some things we can be reasonably confident of: GTA 6 will be an open world action game with a big emphasis on guns and cars, lots of swearing, and a penchant for satirising real-world brands and trends, running on the next generation of Rockstar's RAGE engine technology, with beefed-up AI, physics and rendering. We can expect some Hollywood-level voice actors to be attached, and plenty of licensed music over in-game radio. It'll have multiplayer, too.

The big questions for me are 1) what species of humour GTA will go for this time - according to reports, Rockstar are trying to avoid the "punch down" jokes of GTA 5. And 2) how will GTA 6 integrate or coexist with the incredibly successful GTA Online?

Not long now till we can stop talking in hypotheticals. Do you have any last minute GTA 6 speculations to share? Or any favourite GTA 6 hoaxes to reminisce about? There have been a fair few. My top pick is still the one about the phases of the Moon.

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