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Röki does a terrifyingly good bathtub Geralt impression

Witchy bath times

About half through the second chapter of Polygon Treehouse's lovely and rather excellent adventure game Röki, you encounter a strange, sentient pair of rocky, light blue hands that beckon you inside a cave. If it were me, I'd probably run a mile if I saw four stone fingers crack and pop into a makeshift bridge across a steep gorge, as I'd be half terrified they'd snap back to life and grab me halfway across. Luckily, no such misfortune befalls Röki's young heroine Tove, but as soon as I stepped inside this strange, cathedral-like cave, I could tell something was amiss. Not only was there a giant bathtub in front of me, but the creature inside it also had long white hair. Is that...you, Geralt?

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