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Role Playing Rome: Age Of Decadence

My Age of Decadence was my early twenties. I travelled slowly down the Mekong river longing for the horizon, drank copious amounts of bourbon in all-night jazz bars and dusty, dilapidated dives, all the while studying the world through an eyeglass of glamour and sleaze. Perhaps not coincidentally I also spent a lot of time in Manchester cafes reading Graham Greene and Paul Theroux. The game Age of Decadence aims to provide players with freedom of choice although I doubt it's possible to recreate my own youthful exuberance. The trailer below draws attention to a host of other features that can best be described as 'old-school', words which I can write but should never say aloud.

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If there were no pictures, just those exquisite phrases popping up on the screen, it'd be a thoroughly exciting trailer. With pictures as well it's thoroughly exciting with a cherry on top, except I don't like cherries all that much so make it a Snickers bar instead.

I really need to take a proper look at the demo, which from my brief experience seems excellent, although it swiftly reminded me that RPGs can be complex beasts. Apparently some of my roleplaying brain muscles have atrophied over the years but this might be the game to give them a good workout.

As well as checking out the demo, it's now possible to preorder the game for twenty quid. It's still around a year away though.

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