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Swordpoint: Turn-based Stealthjumpstabs In Ronin

Clean art and cool murders

The turn-based sneaking, leaping, climbing, stabbing, swinging, and sword-flinging of Ronin caught our eye last August with a free prototype, and my it's come a long way since then! A new trailer shows slick sequences of its cyberninja scaling buildings, smashing through windows, dodging bullets, and stabbing the heck out of cybermen. Tomasz Waclawek's game caught the keen eye of publishers Devolver Digital too, as they've announced they're helping bring Ronin to release later this year, fleshed-out and fancied-up. Really, come see how cool this murder looks:

Ronin makes cool look effortless. When stealthed up, your cyberninja moves in real-time, sneaking and leaping around with the option to pause to pull off tricky bits. Once she's spotted, it switches to simultaneous-turn-based combat. Then you can use the pauses to plot how to, say, smash in through a window, knock a man down, fling your sword at his pal, roll over and recover it, launch up to the ceiling, then drop down to finish the first cyberguy off.

Also you have razor wire to stealthily grab people and hang them from the ceiling; this feature seems important enough to have a whole paragraph dedicated to it. Cool murders.

It obviously draws inspiration from Gunpoint with its 2D sneak-o-jumps, which is much to the delight of Gunpoint creator Tom Francis.

Ronin is due on Windows, Mac, and Linux later this year. Do give the old prototype a go.

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